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MMG Acoustical Consultants have no account in LINKEDIN, FACEBOOK, other network groups and can be accessed via the contact information provided.

"As of 1st October 2015, we are now Member Firm of National Council of Acoustical Consultants, USA.

MMG Acoustical Consultants added Sound Plan Essential to the list of diagnostic tools to .....

A Newsletter from Stewart acoustical consultants

   Making our World Sound Better Since 1979

Leo Beranek, founder of WCVB, dies at 102.



MMG Acoustical Consultants is an independent professional consultancy, whose sole aim to provide state of the art acoustical advice and recommendations within cost effective budgets to clients in the Indian and Asian market .

The firm helps add value of good acoustical conditions, reduce the risk of noise generating problems, and resolve existing acoustic concerns in buildings, workspaces, homes, industrial areas and the outdoor environment.

Acoustical design consultancy for good acoustics in any...
Control of sound levels in noisy environments in...
Control of noise levels in our community from road / rail...

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