Architectural Interiors

In architectural acoustics, to study the control of reverberation levels and echoes, in a space, there were two traditional methods of analysis – Volumetric Calculations based on Sabines or Real Time Measurement at site.

EASE is a software program, initially conceived by (Acoustic Design Ahnert) ADA, Berlin, Germany. Today RENKUS –HEINZ Inc. is the company promoting the use of the EASE progam worldwide.

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Environmental Noise Mapping

The majority of environmental noise simulations are small to medium projects tasked with checking the legal compliance of a planned road or an expansion to an industrial facility.

SoundPLAN essential is now available in the version 4.0, combining the full strength SoundPLAN calculation core with a simplified data entry editor to offer the noise modeling market a tool that can be learned in minutes yet powerful enough to allow engineers to do most of the noise modeling jobs.

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