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MMG Acoustical Consultants was founded to provide experienced, independent, professional consulting services exclusively in acoustics and noise control for the Indian subcontinent market. The firm helps add value of good acoustical conditions, reduce the risk of problems, and resolve existing problems in buildings, workplaces, and the outdoor environment. Clients include architects, engineers, industry, property owners, schools, churches and other worship spaces, attorneys and government agencies.

Add value of good acoustical conditions.

Reduce the risk of noise generating problems.

Resolve existing acoustic concerns.

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We can and do work for owners, designers or even occasionally construction contractors on architectural or industrial projects. However the unique nature of acoustical consulting raises the strong potential for conflict of interest if we try to work for multiple parties on the same project.

Therefore, we insist on a single clearly defined client for each project, to whom we are solely and directly responsible for our advice and who is solely, directly and unconditional responsible for our prompt payment.

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Acoustics & Audio and Video Design


Architectural acoustics involves assuring that the acoustical environment in building is suitable for the use of the space.

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Audio & Video Design

Over the past few years, as a part of acoustical consultancy services, the firm looks into the design of the sound and visual reinforcement systems.

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Industrial noise control deals with the control of noise levels in noisy environments around industrial machinery.

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This field deals with sound, its reaction & travel in the outside environment, which is different from room acoustics.

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We Provide Experienced, Independent, Professional Consulting Services.