Audio & Video Design

In the ever fast evolving field of electronics and technology, audio visual is not immune to constant upgrades and advancement and as a downside product and design obsolesce. Therefore as a Audio Visual design system consultants, the focus to ensure the proposed system will not only give the end user the cutting edge solutions under the present circumstances but also makes the system future ready. Provisioning for the future takes the spotlight in our design along with modular solutions which will encourage our clients to take an informed decisions on their investments.

Our design approach to any project is as follows:

  • Understanding the requirements of the end user.
  • Basic design based reports and presentations for the clients to understand the present capabilities and future expansion of the system.
  • Stating pros and cons of each options proposed, so that the client can understand the benefits and limitations of each option.
  • Preparation of performance based RFP/Tenders so that the clients get the maximum number of OEM certified proposals to choose from.
  • Comprehensive product by product analysis of the received proposals for the client to arrive at the decision.
  • Co-ordination with the PMC, architects, interior designers and other agencies involved for a successful installations.

Members of the team have extensive experience in running shows and seminars in real time for prestigious clients, which helps in designing user friendly and professionally run spaces within the prescribed constraints.

Since the audio system goes hand in hand with the acoustics of the space, having expertise in the field of acoustics gives us an edge to ensure the optimum solution is proposed.

We Provide Experienced, Independent, Professional Consulting Services.