Industrial Noise Control

Industrial noise control or Occupational noise control deals with the control of noise levels in noisy environments around industrial machinery. Here the primary concern is the protection of the hearing ability of the occupants in these industrial environments. Studies have shown that most workers, without hearing protection in noisy environments, have lost substantial hearing ability over a period of time. This has resulted in class action suits against the industries and has led to closure of some.

While one attempts to provide hearing protection to the workforce, at the same time, it is also essential that the occupants must be able to comfortably communicate with each other and hear desired sound signals like alarms. The various methods of control either deals with the source (the machinery), the path (the room environment), the receiver (occupants) or sometimes also re-education of skilled workforce. Usually the best solutions involve a combination of the above methods.

We can assist industrial engineers to identify and develop controls to meet the requirements of the industrial regulations on occupational noise control. We help clients develop and implement a cost effective noise control program, tailor suited to their industry or particular situation. We concentrate on noise control and do not offer audiometric services or other hearing conservation services.

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