This implies that the firm will strive to offer the best acoustical consultancy to the specific client of the respective project. The acoustical consultancy services provided will be independent of any bias or prejudice to any product or method.

To meet the needs of the client to be aware of the possible concerns and help the client make educated decisions about the usage of the space.Usually the solutions or the recommendations provided will contain multiple options to meet the needs of the client.

Whom do we work for - One project, One client

We can and do work for owners, designers or even occasionally construction contractors on architectural or industrial projects. However the unique nature of acoustical consulting raises the strong potential for conflict of interest if we try to work for multiple parties on the same project. Therefore, we insist on a single clearly defined client for each project, to whom we are solely and directly responsible for our advice and who is solely, directly and unconditional responsible for our prompt payment. We do not accept subcontract arrangements. We do not take up any turnkey projects on our part on grounds of conflict in ethical and professional interests.

Quality Assurance

The firm takes provide in providing the right client driven recommendations for acoustical and audio video design consultancy services. The firm attempts, each time, to provide the client the option of using the latest products in the domestic market and sometimes those available in the international markets, if so desired. The company firmly believes that only a satisfied customer will return as a regular client and refer other prospective customers to the company. Therefore, each project is considered individually and provided undivided attention. In addition, the customer will be provided regular feedback from the firm regarding the status and progress of the projects undertaken.

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